Turn old zippers into a new necklace

Do you remember the craze when random zippers were placed all over clothes and bags? Now that the trend is over, you may not be feeling so hot for this look. Why not use those zippers and turn them into something else!

Here’s an idea for the weekend – a simple yet classic zipper necklace:

zipper necklace diy tutorial

Here’s how:

zipper necklace tutorial 1

Grab something with zippers or spare zippers you may have lying around. Yes yes, I know. What was I thinking when I got this skirt right??

zipper necklace tutorial 2

Cut it up with no regrets. Basically you’d want to get to where the zippers start and keep the rest of the skirt in large pieces to make something else later. :)

zipper necklace tutorial 3

Unpick the zippers from the skirt.

zipper necklace tutorial 4

Be sure to use fraycheck/ mod podge/ nail polish on the top of the zipper so it won’t fray. Decide on how tall you want the loops to be and pin it down. (Mine was about 1.5″ in height.)

zipper necklace tutorial 5

Flip it down and pin.

zipper necklace tutorial 6

Keep going!

zipper necklace tutorial 7

When you’re done looping and pinning, you should get something like this. If there’s excess zipper, just cut it off between the metal zipper teeth and seal the top to prevent fraying.

zipper necklace tutorial 7

Grab some black ribbon and seal the ends to prevent fraying. I folded my usual black ribbon (I have it in a reel) into half to get a thinner strap and sewed it down along the length.

Place it behind the first loop of the necklace and start stitching.

zipper necklace tutorial 9

Stitch all along the ribbon and move on to where your pins were to secure the loops. Finish off at the other side with another piece of ribbon.

zipper necklace tutorial 10

And you’re done! :)

More peeks at the necklace…

zipper necklace tutorial 11

zipper necklace tutorial 12

zipper necklace tutorial with deborah lippman and OPI nails

Add something extra to the look with some nail polish fun! “I love the nightlife” glitter polish by Deborah Lippman and “tickle my france-y” by OPI.

Hope you enjoyed this and have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. says

    Ultra cool & so simple! Thanks for the fantastic inspiration!

    *I actually have that exact same skirt in blue with silver zipper teeth – how freaky is that?! …mine was a gift from mom – a fail but she gets top marks for trying!

    • says

      Hi Sheri, thank you! Haha yes it is kinda freaky! It was one of those “what was I thinking” moments for me clearly. :) That’s sweet of your mom for trying for sure!

  2. JILL S. says

    I absolutely love this idea!!! This necklace is great and there are so many ways to make it!!! I am very crafty and my mind is reeling with thoughts! Thank you so much and keeping Crafting!!!

  3. Ana says

    Hy, I love your site, and this necklace. The shirt is also super nice, I love it! It is also one of your creations? If it is…. I didn’t find it on your site, can you help me?
    Keep up the good work!

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