Valet trays

We have been organizing our home bit by bit, and one of the small items we’ve been looking for is a small tray to place our keys and small items on our sideboard when we come home.

Been eyeing some of these pretty trays as potential valet trays…


{FUTAGAMI brass ihada stationery and jewelry trays}

Porcelain valet tray

{Porcelain valet tray}

  West Elm bamboo tray

{Bamboo tray}

Admittedly a lot of these aren’t marketed as valet trays for keys, but hey they work all the same eh! Sadly when you search valet trays, most of the things that pop up are boxy leather trays for men.

It’s been some time since I did a DIY project due to the pregnancy and moving homes twice but this would definitely have some potential as a DIY project! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? :)

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