Why bubble dresses work

Quite a few years ago, bubble dresses and skirts were the trend everywhere.

These are essentially dresses and skirts with a bubble hem – where the excess fabric at the base is gathered onto an elastic band on the inside (in layman’s terms).

In case you confuse them with balloon dresses, this is what they are not:

balloon dress by ria hosokai

(I clearly just needed an excuse to stick this pretty photo in… Check it – a balloon dress by Rie Hosokai)

Back to the bubble hem trend. Some people hated it, some people loved it. But it’s really how the bubble hem is worked into the dress that makes all the difference.

But beyond being just a style, it is tremendously practical and I usually recommend them especially for traveling in spring/ fall weather or for rooftop parties. Why? The wind can blow like CRAZY and you’ll never have to worry about your skirt or dress flying up!

Having to hold down your skirt or dress while sipping on cocktails on the rooftop just doesn’t cut it and keeping at least one hand free while hanging out just so you can hold your skirt down in case is just too much trouble.

The elastic in bubble hems also allow for freedom of movement which is awesome.

Not convinced and still thinking that bubble dresses are the flouncy prom-styled ones? Bubble dresses come in a wide range of styles – from casual to formal, flouncy to structured. Here are a few picks as examples!

bubble dress - proenza schouler ever prada



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